Demand of Falsehood



Whatever I have up till now accepted as most true and assured I have gotten either from the senses or through the senses. But from time to time I have found that the senses deceive, and it is prudent never to trust completely those who have deceived us even once.

—Rene Descartes, Meditations On First Philosophy

A bullet is an amusing thing.

A bullet is an amusing thing. As far as it stays inside the gun, it has potency as a tool of peace. As soon as it leaves it though; it becomes a merchant of death.


Remember 3 idiots? What a rhetorical question! We all do, because an innumerable number of times do we quote its message : ‘Every child is special’. So, am I going to jibber-jabber about the same? Nah, I am going to take it further.
Whenever we talk of the ‘talent’ or the ‘God gift’ of a child, we essentially restrict our talk to academic or creative excellence. My question is : why to restrict the gifts of God to so small a category? Why to always look for intellectual or creative talents, why not ‘emotional talent’?
If the ability to solve complex problems or deliver artistic masterpieces is not found in every child, so are the virtues of patience, perseverance, trust and love. We never lose a chance to appreciate academic or artistic talent, why not so with ‘emotional talent’? Ponder over. Think.

A Political Paradigm

There’s a man out there

said the soldier with a low

He says he’s an acquaintance

continuing as he began to grow


The man was brought in

He had a strange demand

painting, he asked for a glass of water

and six square feet land


The king was puzzled

The minister grew war

it was an old friend,

He asked, ‘What brings you here’


You have a fine house in a

country that’s your own

The place is no longer mine

he said with a groan


It was taken to build a mall

No rehabilitation the king grew curious

We’ve been stalling for years

said the man with a voice so furious


The water , asked the minister,

didn’t it benefit your farm

it only feeds the factories

even the rivers have lost their charm


Yes, the farm, asked the king

‘ was taken when the crops stood tall

It was my life’s investment

& buried my dreams under its load’


The man’s voice grew deep

They wanted to build a road

but all that was encroached upon

by a tall standing mall.


You didn’t complain , questioned

the minister in shock

Yes I went but all they did

was to mock


You ain’t saved anything

I was robbed

The Insurance people

They trapped me I terms & he sobbed


So I come to you

for a grave & pleading

for I know they’ll not leave me

even when I’m sleeping


You escaped here then

I couldn’t wait for the visa first

The water arrived but the

man, succumbed to his thirst


The man was given a place in his

own  country ‘ s embassy  where he slept

with a note that read, A mn who

couldn‘t afford to bribe the country of

the rich the powerful & the corrupt


In a few month’s time

the grave was nowhere to be seen

only a garden with a signboard

‘The President had here been’

Taha Barwahwala

India’s Capital Ashamed

The place known for India’s glorified past, having names of many soldiers over India gate with their blood, has also become, ironically, a place of worst minds with brutal behavior even worse than satan. The ******* are not frightened of Indian police or the law or the society or even their heart( if it is  there). These monsters have brought about shame to the country and its capital by their inhuman act.

Now getting close to the situation, even after Nirbhaya’s case , Damini’s case which was I believe a alarming bell over GOI(Government Of India) for

# Women’s security.

# Punishment for these*******.

# Indian Police Department.

And a lot more for a deep breath to general public  especially female not a mother, sister, wife or a child but as a separate identity of herself a dignified individual.

These monster’s have not even led a small 5yr. old girl child of a street family to enjoy her childhood years but their sewage mind led even her to suffer for their cruel personal satisfaction to fight for her life in a hospital where there is no hope for life just because she belongs to a very poor family.

And moreover Police is not behind, the people in uniform are forgetting that they are public servants, need to answer every question asked by public & being a policeman hitting a woman so shamelessly over protesting against this undignified act. Rest politicians are no behind over laws making to convince that it’s always a female the root cause of this cramped situations.

Now, there’s a need of another Mahatma to raise a voice against all those who are retaining the blood of British raj in GOI.

We need a severe action against these brutal monsters and reassure every human being his/her sense of security.

This smelling waste has tested the patience of Indians and if the anger of protestors has anything to do with reality, the day is not far when the same Indian will have a broom in his hand to wipe them off. So raise the voice, be in action show them we are not the one to say “इस देश का कुछ नही हो सकता है” with the morning tea and move ahead but the one who can make a pillar change over every wrong.

Their is a strong severe need for “युवा शक्ति”. Call for it .

“Because if something troubles you change it”

Yash siroliya

(fight for right)



A mysterious chamber of secret for life and death beyond human thoughts and understanding. Now I ask what is TIME?  Think! make your answer & then proceed………….

It’s  a measurement of human race made by us to be in action, because I consider space more specifically earth do not have any time. It  keeps on revolving , rotating on it’s  axis, about it’s axis even when if your watch stops, now again think

What the hell is Time?

Is it what I stated above or a period in a year when season changes, or when sun rises and sets, moon rises and sets, stars twinkle clouds move, moving broad way Planet’s  moving, universe moving, galaxies moving and moreover what’s the end?……

Actually If we consider time a measurement then on what basis thus it stand, maybe the pillars of time are considerations & who knows whether they are true, because the arrow hit the right spot we follow it blindly.

In simple words, How can one say that a min conspires 60 sec & why not 100 or something more or less?    

 Another thought which came to me was, maybe time is age……..

But, after all this ‘BRAIN SCRATCHING’ I came to the conclusion that time is just a complex calculation with simple output over journey’s of age.

Rest, If any sudden !dea come to you then do share with me through your innovative comments.

Yash Siroliya

(green thinker gives a simple thought about time)


“Congratulations!”; “Really?”

It was the summer of 2010. I had been to an outing camp the month before and it had meant 23 days of a 5 (am) to 9 (pm) life. Anyway, I was back to the usual lazy routine of summer mornings. But, as it turned out, the day wasn’t as usual.

It all began with a phone call. I was lost in the deep labyrinth of my (supposedly sweet) dreams when the interruption came – a phone call for me at 6:30 in the morning? No friend of mine takes the trouble to call so early, especially in the peaceful time of holidays. When I picked up the receiver, barely having opened my eyes, I seemed to recognise the voice on the other end but it was no less surprising – “Congratulations, boy” -was what I heard. In my half awakened state, I realised it belonged to one of my teachers from the camp – but why did he have to congratulate me, 15 days after the camp was over, and more so when the only competition I participated in was ‘Salad Making’ which was a team event and we had been declared winners and awarded there and then. As far as other activities were concerned, I was bad at carrom, worse at shooting – there seemed to be no reason he’d remember me, and no logical claim for me to deny that it was another of my weird dreams.

But wait, there was more of the surprise. The voice continued, “today’s newspaper carries your photo – you’ve been declared winner of the Bhaskar genius scholarship exam and are entitled to the prize money worth one lakh rupees.” Now it was more unbelievable. Not that I hadn’t given the exam at all but I had the least regard for it, the reason for which was simple.

I was sick of waking up on Sunday mornings only to ‘face’ another of those ‘talent search’ exams, that had come up like mushrooms all over – all thanks to the advent of OMR  (this is one technology I seriously loath). But as it turned out, my father was more than correct when he repeatedly asked me to enroll in those exams. Thank you daddy!

Hey, are you still wondering why a teacher from the camp (who was from the city of Bhopal) called me up to congratulate when he could hardly have remembered me? Well, he did not. The voice on the other end of the receiver was a family acquaintance. What bumpy rides thoughts give you, don’t they?

Your Friend,

Taha Barwahwala

The TV is an Idiot Box; seriously!



You must be thinking of either of two things right now – one, this is just another lecture on how electronic media is killing men and morality (blah blah); well, this is not (thankfully).  Next, why not a sophisticated title.  Well, because the thought was simple and random as is the title.

Seriously, I am not going to quote innumerable figures and spew out facts to prove that ‘TV is the most bad-ass invention of mankind’.  It is just a simple perspective of a child like you, who gets bored as well.

My point is, what ‘sense’ does TV make in the world today. Let me break it up;

  1. The TV is a storehouse of ads

In a newspaper, you can just skip them; in a magazine, you can turn the page and even better, on the internet you can just use tiny bits of software and get rid of them, almost entirely. But what about the unending ever-repeating ads on the small screen. Honestly, they must have made you feel like smashing the screen, at least once.

  1. It’s all bells and whistles

A television show director is a person who is an expert in beating around the bush, and yet creating music, is not it. Did you ever have an answer as to why every TV show takes ages (literally) to come to the point.  And daily soaps, the snail hides its face with shame – really, this is the result you get when you (unnecessarily) stretch the story for scores of episodes and leaving it open ended still!

What I mean is not that TV is ‘unfit for consumption’; rather unfit for ‘daily’ consumption.  Once in a while, even I cannot resist, after all we’re a TV-addict generation. Still, a staple diet of good reads (magazines and blogs – some of them REALLY interesting) does the trick for me, i.e. they don’t make me feel TV sick every now and then.

Of course, my theory is flawed; and I’d love to know where, so please, do not let it die here. Do comment and let me know where I am wrong. And of course, do cite shows that disprove every word of mine – I’d love to know, seriously!


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